We are the international financial institution of the Nordic and Baltic countries. We work towards a prosperous and sustainable Nordic-Baltic region.

Our mission is to finance projects that improve productivity and benefit the environment of the Nordic and Baltic countries.


Located in Helsinki, Finland, the Nordic Investment Bank (NIB) is an International Financial Institution. The Bank was established by the five Nordic countries in 1975 to overcome investment barriers and attract commercial lending. In 2005, the three Baltic countries joined NIB on equal footing with the original members.

Member countries, structure & capital

NIB's mission

NIB’s mission is to finance projects that improve productivity and benefit the environment of the Nordic and Baltic countries.

The mission was given by the Bank’s owner countries to address the needs of the region and the challenges it is facing – sustainable growth, technological innovation, climate change, the development of circular economy and the protection of marine environments.

Our impact

What we offer

NIB provides sustainable, long-term financing to customers in both the private and public sectors on competitive market terms to complement commercial lending. Our products include corporate and sovereign loans, loans to municipalities, loans to public-private partnerships, loan programmes, investments in labelled bonds, project & structure finance and lending outside the member countries.

Loan characteristics & loan products

Sustainable financing

All loan projects are assessed for their potential productivity gains and environmental benefits. After a project is completed, our analysts follow up on the impact achieved. In addition, all loan projects undergo a sustainability review.

To support the productivity of the Nordic and Baltic countries, NIB directs financing to projects that focus on

  • technical progress and innovation
  • human capital and equal economic opportunities
  • improvements in infrastructure
  • market efficiency and business environment

In terms of the environment, NIB targets projects that foster

  • pollution prevention
  • preventive measures
  • resource efficiency
  • development of clean technology
  • climate change mitigation
Mandate assessment

Triple-A credit rating

NIB acquires the funds for its lending by borrowing on the international capital markets. The Bank’s triple-A credit rating has been assigned by Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s uninterruptedly since NIB was first rated in the early 1980s. NIB’s credit rating reflects its high asset quality, capital adequacy, strong balance sheet and ownership.

In order to fulfil its mission, the Bank is required to be financially strong. NIB therefore aims to earn a sufficient return from its business operations to guarantee its owner countries a reasonable return on capital.

In order to respond to investors’ readiness to support environmentally sustainable projects, NIB has introduced the NIB Environmental Bond (NEB) framework that allows investors to provide funds for the Bank’s environmental lending. Under the framework, the Bank can issue green bonds, the proceeds of which are used to finance projects which have a positive impact on the environment.


Member countries, structure & capital

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Legal framework and policy documents

The constituent documents and policies NIB is governed by.

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